Starting Out

If you’re a linear person and want to know how this whole drama started, then check out the first two posts to read about buying a Tiki 21 and then having it fall apart. After that was a partial rebuild and then a full rebuild both detailed below.

I separated blog posts into broad categories to help sort them. Categories are roughly building versus sailing. With, hopefully, a lot more sailing posts to come! Categories are listed below.

Blog posts may also have tags. Tags are generally a part of the boat or a construction technique. Check out the list of tags to peruse in that manner.

Post Categories


  1. Prime the Decks and Flip
  2. Decks and Cabins Complete
  3. Drilling Holes for Ports and Windows
  4. Gaff Redux
  5. Tiller Bar and Extension
  6. New Tillers and Finishing the Rudders
  7. Orange Paint Touchup
  8. Drill Rudder Holes
  9. Figuring Out the Hardware
  10. Fitting the Platforms
  11. Attach Main Hatch
  12. Platform Hold Downs
  13. Luggage Racks
  14. Motor Tilt
  15. Jib Sheet Leads
  16. Side Platform Ledges
  17. Mis-Adventures in Beam Sockets
  18. Beam Cleats
  19. Heat the Garage
  20. Trampoline Battens
  21. Attach the Fore Hatch
  22. Back to Work!! Glassing the Decks
  23. Epoxy Tips 'n' Hints
  24. Winter Boat Work in Ghana
  25. Stopping Work for the Winter
  26. Coating with Graphite
  27. Glassing the Rest of the Hull Sides
  28. Glassing the First Hull Side
  29. Glassing the Keel
  30. Flipping the Hulls
  31. Rudders
  32. Glassing the Platforms
  33. Making the Cabin Nicer
  34. Main Hatch - Coamings and Rails
  35. Adding the Cabin Tops
  36. Adding the Cabin Sides
  37. Coamings and Hatches for the Bow Lockers
  38. Fore Decks
  39. Rear Decks
  40. Adding the Bunks
  41. Finishing the Hull Fillets
  42. Starting the Hull Fillets
  43. Inspection Hatches
  44. Diagonal Stiffeners
  45. Wiring the Second Hull Together
  46. Wiring the Bulkheads In
  47. Wiring the First Hull Together
  48. Preparing the Bulkheads
  49. Epoxy Coating the Insides of the Hulls
  50. Gluing Hull Sides and Sheerstringers
  51. Cutting Plywood for Hulls
  52. Prepping Parts
  53. Deciding to Rebuild the Hulls
  54. Replacing the Beam Cleats and Sockets
  55. Going Soft on the Main Hatches
  56. Sail Covers, Anchor Bag
  57. Glassing Fore Hatches
  58. Trailer
  59. Standing Rigging - Part 1
  60. Mast
  61. Beams
  62. Gaff
  63. Tillers and Tiller Bar
  64. Rebuilding Platforms


  1. Sailing On a Mana 24 in Canada


  1. Winter Boat Work in Ghana


  1. Winter Boat Work in Ghana
  2. Sailing On a Mana 24 in Canada