With the hulls flipped, the first task was to put fillets along the joint where the sheerstringers meet the hulls. That joint is where the fiberglass from the decks met the fiberglass covering the hulls. I sanded the joint to take care of some rough fiberglass edges and then put in the fillets.

Before Fillets

Fillet on One Side

One of the disadvantages of working in my garage in the winter is the heating cycle is not ideal for epoxy. You usually want to place epoxy when the temperature is going down so that bubbles do not form in the epoxy - a cooling environment will actually draw epoxy into wood or cause bubbles to collapse. However, I was running a heater in the garage and the constant temperature from the heater frequently causes bubbles to form. With fillets this big quite a few bubbles formed and had to be filled with thickened epoxy later.

Bubbles in the Fillets