Before I finished the epoxy on the cabins I wanted to drill all the holes needed to mount the ports and windows on the cabins. The original hulls came with some opening port holes. I am reusing them in the fore part of the cabins hoping to get air flow from fore to aft. I also had some plexiglass cut last year to mount in the aft part of the cabins for a view out when inside.

This was a dull job - just marking and drilling. The most important thing for me to record here is the method I used to drill holes in the plexiglass without cracking it. I combined some advice from a few sites on the internet and came up with these tips for drilling plexiglass:

  • use low RPM (260 in my case)
  • use a step drill bit (stepless step drill bit in my case)
  • lubricate with dish soap
  • keep the work clamped
  • go slow but don’t get hot

Drilling in Plexiglass

Window Holes



I put two coats of epoxy in the all the new holes in the cabins. I’ll mount the ports and windows after painting.