Before I put on the cabin tops I did some finish work inside to make them cozier for living. I wanted a nice finish inside that was easy to keep clean. The inside of the hulls already had two coats of epoxy on them but the epoxy coat had been abused while wiring the hulls together and adding the fillets and bunks. I cleaned up drips and fillet chunks and did a light sanding before rolling on a thin third coat of epoxy. It turned out very nice.

Third Coat of Epoxy Curing

I knew from crawling around in the previous hulls that it hurt to catch my back and sides on the bulkhead openings. The 1/4” plywood edges could really dig in! So I glued some split plastic tubing on as bumpers. It also gives a nice finished look.

Gluing On Bumper

Bumper In Place

I hung some small gear hammocks in the forward part of the cabins for storing light weight stuff like clothing and bedding.

Gear Hammocks

I made gear pockets for the aft part of the cabin. The pockets have a plywood stringer at the top and foam padding in the backer with lots of mesh pockets. I think they will come in handy.

Inner Pocket

Outer Pocket

I also glued up two layers of foam pads for covering the bunks in the cabin. The pads are in two pieces that can be hooked together so they should be easy to move around in the cabin when I need in the bilge lockers.