I generally followed the building plans for the coamings and hatches for the bow lockers. My differences were: 3/4” stock instead of 1/2” stock, 3/8” plywood for the coamings instead of 1/4”, and the fore and aft blocking I had added to the inside of the deck made the coamings very easy to attach.

Gluing the Coaming


I built the hatches by first fitting the frames to the coaming with the proper gap and gluing them in place. Then I glued ply to the top of the frames and trimmed it flush with the router. I added fiberglass and the supports for rope hinges.

Gluing the Hatch Frame

Trimming the Hatch to the Frame

Glassing the Hatches

Hatch Corner

Fitting the Hatches

Half of Hinge Attached

To get a non-slip surface for the decks I have been adding a non-slip powder used for concrete sealer. I add it to the last coat of epoxy before painting.

Non-Slip Additive

I painted the hatches with oil-based Rustoleum Topside paint. It seems to be a good paint but was $18/quart and was a brighter white than I wanted. I also didn’t think the oil-based cleanup would be very practical if I wanted to touch up paint while traveling. I think I’ll switch back to a latex paint for the hulls.

Gasket Shape

I doubled over strips of old bicycle tubes for the gaskets.

Gasket Shape

Gaskets in Place

In the bow locker, I cut and placed some foam padding to keep the lockers from getting beat up by the anchors.

Foam in Bow Locker