The fore decks used the same process as the rear decks - cut mortises in stringers to fit bulkheads, attach center stringer, mark lateral stringers, and glue laterals.

A difference for the fore decks was cutting the hatch for the bow locker. I wanted to use a router to flush trim the hatch opening so I to added athwartships blocking to the fore and aft of the hatch opening to give the router a surface to ride on. It worked great and made for a neat, strong hatch opening. However, the athwartships blocks prevented the deck from curving properly when I attached the decks. The flat spot is not too noticeable and doesn’t interfere with the fore beam, but it did call for some extra thickened epoxy to fill in the gaps underneath.

Fitting Stringers

Center Stringer Glued First

Lateral Stringers Marked and Glued

Underside Coated with Two Coats of Epoxy

Cosmetic Fillets Added to Stringers

Gluing Fore Deck

Noticing Flat Spot Fore and Aft of Hatch

Decks Trimmed Flush