With the hull fillets done, it was time to add the bunks. The building instructions call for drawing the hulls to full-size to measure the bunks correctly. I decided to just measure using scraps of cardboard and tape and some trial and error. It worked fine.

I also deviated from the plans in the thickness of the plywood that I used for the bunks. In the previous hulls, I had broken every single bunk just by crawling around in the hulls. So I wanted to overbuild some. The plans called for 1/4” but I used 3/8” plywood in the middle two sections of the cabin (where I would be sleeping) and 1/4” in the ends. I also added a stiffener to the bunk bearers supporting the removable bunks in the cabin section under the main hatch - where I would be stepping in and out.

I stole Brad’s idea from Beto and made the fixed aft cabin bunks 2” longer than the plans call for. That should allow for a bigger seat if you wanted to put your feet in the bilge. I’ll see how that works.

Adding Bunk Bearers

Bunk Bearers With Stiffeners

I glued the bunks in without wires. I just pushed them into place added a few nails through the bunk bearers. After the epoxy cured, I added fillets underneath the bunks (what a pain!) and then big fillets on top with fiberglass tape.

Stern Bunk Glued In

Fillet and Tape Added to Stern Bunk

Cabin Bunks Glued In

Fillet and Tape Added to Cabin Bunks

I stitched and glued in the hull-side bunk bearers. And then added fillets on the bottom and small cosmetic fillets on top. Along the way, everything was coated with two coats of epoxy as well.

Gluing in Bearer

Bearers Complete

Removable Bunks in Place

I also added the sheerstringer doublers to support the beam and shroud cleats.

Gluing Doublers